Carpet Cleaning in Carindale

Carpet Cleaning in Carindale

Regular carpet cleaning keeps your home looking its best. At Stain Busters, we offer a wide range of carpeting cleaning and carpet care services for our clients in Carindale. Whether you need water damage restoration or our signature stain removal, we’ll make sure your floors get the treatments they need.

Stain Removal Advice

We believe in helping customers keep their carpets clean, regardless of who does the cleaning. Some basic carpet cleaning can easily be done at home. And, often, stain removal is most effective if you can treat the carpet right away.

Our website has stain removal advice that can help you treat your own carpets. Visit our general advice page for some basic tips, or navigate the site to see how to treat specific stains.

Stain Removal Services

If you’d rather leave the stain busting to us, your carpets will be in good hands. The first Stain Busters franchise started in 1990. Nearly 30 years later, our Carindale location still uses the best stain removal methods available. We have 33 other locations, including franchises in both Australia and New Zealand.

All of our services come with a full satisfaction and value guarantee because we believe in our methods. Get in touch with us today by calling us on 1 300 0 78246. Someone from our Carindale franchise will happily help you.