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Stain Busters Rug Cleaning Services Canberra can save you a lot of money over the life of your rug.

Here’s How!

If you have been looking for rug cleaning information on the internet, the chances are you have found lots of information on cleaning specialty rugs. There is nothing wrong with this advice; in fact if you have a specialty rug most of this information is excellent. However, if you have a commercially manufactured rug the chances are it can be cleaned at a fraction of the price of a specialty service.

The majority of commercially manufactured rugs can be cleaned in exactly the same way as your carpet. This is because in the majority of cases they are constructed using exactly the same methods and the same range of fibres. This means you can have your rugs cleaned at the same time as your carpets which apart from being easier and more convenient, could save you hundreds of dollars not having to take them to a specialist.

There are some rugs that require specialist cleaning. In most instances you will know if your expensive imported rug was hand knotted or woven from a rare material using non commercial dyeing methods. If you are unsure it pays to ask. Your Stain Busters technician will inspect your rugs and let you know if they are suitable for the steam cleaning process.

Stain Busters has a thorough rug cleaning process which includes: pre inspection, pre vacuuming, pre spotting stains, pre spraying, rinse, sanitising and deodorising. Your rugs will be clean fresh and stain free guaranteed. Our rug cleaning system is the best value for money and is appropriate for most commercially manufactured rugs.

Save even more by including your rugs with your carpet clean.

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